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HI, I’m  Danielle.

Ready to embark on your own daring adventure?

Here’s how I can help,


Planning the perfect trip is a great analogy for getting clear

on the direction you would like to take in life.

1. You have to pinpoint exactly where you are right now

2. Make a decision on where you want to go

3. Create a plan to overcome the potential obstacles that might obstruct your path.


Recent Adventures

The experiences that have helped to shape my practice, I offer to you to help serve as inspiration for your own daring adventure!


What makes me so right????

I've had a number of experiences lately where I've been absolutely, positively, unequivocally right. I was right that my friend had an anger problem and needed to stop drinking after a mutual friend showed up missing his front tooth. The angry one said the newly...

What makes me so right????

Maasai Shoe Making Tutorial Kenya Africa

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to walk around wearing rubber tires on your feet?  Well I'm here to let you know - Its actually quite comfortable The Maasai Simba Camp is located about 2.5 hours from Kenya's capital city of Nairobi, on the outskirts of...

Maasai Shoe Making Tutorial Kenya Africa

Prepare for Take OFF!

It's too easy to leave. She’s said something and it’s made me uncomfortable. He looked at me disapprovingly. I’m embarrassed by my actions.  One thing about always being able to take off,  is that you never have to work things out. Friction is always...

Prepare for Take OFF!

World Travel: My first day in Liberia Travel Vlog

The morning of March 25th, I laid still in bed from horrible body aches that left me feeling almost paralyzed. “My small sister” my Kenyan coworker shouted as he came into my hotel room, “You are a strong girl, get up”. He was right, I was usually pretty tough but...


The high cost of seeking validation

As soon as I picked up my phone to transfer the $100 through Cash app I felt a pain start from the center of chest and drop into my stomach.  What was I doing? I didn’t have a $100 to spend so freely. At the time I was essentially homeless, living out of hotel...


Finding The Work of Byron Katie

I was introduced to the work by a German woman backpacking through Northern California that I met at some sort of women's gathering. There isn't much that stands out to me about that night except that we were standing around a bonfire and I was talking about things...

Finding The Work of Byron Katie
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Have I joined a cult?

Recently, I was describing my experience of the work community with a friend when she asked me, “Isn’t that a cult”. I was more shocked that she had heard of it than the fact that she thought it might be a cult, so I answered: “I guess you could call it that”. Do I...

Have I joined a cult?

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