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The Art of Wayfinding...

I’m Danielle and this site was created to serve as a meeting place for the conscious and curious. I am passionate about connecting with people who are eager to explore and interact with the world in a meaningful way.

This site is a space for me to store and reflect upon all of the places I wander and the things I learn along the way. Here you’ll find the photos, videos, and stories that shape my life. 

My intention is to support you in cultivating a sense of wonder and taking the first step along your own daring adventure. 


Lets Go Far Together, 


Going Nomadic….

May all beings move through the world with ease.

In the 4th grade I was invited to enter into a writing contest hosted by SouthWest Airlines. The topic was, “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?” at the time I had never even been on an airplane so this prompt required quite a bit of imagination. I wrote about how wonderful it would be to travel to Jamaica, the birthplace of my mother and where a large part of my family still lived. I won first place in the contest and got to leave school to be a pilot for a day at Southwest Airlines. This prestigious entitlement required me to sit in on one of SouthWests board meetings and give my expert 10 year old opinion on marketing strategy and user experience and later to head down to the tarmac to put on my pilot’s hat and learn how to operate all the dials. Truthfully, I’ve been writing ever since. No matter where I happen to go in the world my desire is to take my time to document the people, places, and experiences that made the trip worthwhile. I can always be seen with my journal or small notepad with me and occasionally a camera too!

The Road Less Traveled

A very wise and courageous man was asked,

“Why do you always choose the tough road?”

And the wise man answered,

“Why do you believe I see two roads”?

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