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You have gone far, Now lets go deep.

“My Work is based in a lived conviction

that any story, no matter how painful,

can be reexamined using the four questions

and transformed from pain to purpose. ”

Moving to California at 20 years old was one of the best decisions in my life! I loved being a part of the blossoming yoga community, engaging in interesting progressive conversations around human rights, equal access, food security and of course – spirituality.

In the years to come, not only did I put myself through college and graduate school but I developed quite the knack for travel. I completed my first yoga teacher training in Montezuma, Costa Rica, taught my first yoga classes at Zen Yoga in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, and deepened my yoga practice through the study of Thai Yoga Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 


I voyaged to Dharam Sala, India to engage in the practice of loving -kindness and study the 4 noble truths with the Dalai Lama, followed my ancestral roots back through the Caribbean and into Africa, witnessed the great wildebeest migration on Safari in Kenya and Tanzania, Worked to help reduce the spread of Ebola in Liberia, West Africa and drifted through the Coptic churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia.

If you are ready to begin your own self-inquiry practice, I can assist you.

When I was just starting my self-inquiry practice, I had a difficult time facilitating myself.

I would watch countless Youtube videos of Byron Katie facilitating other people and still could not seem to get through a worksheet. I desperately wanted to experience that shift in perspective that others were having, so I stuck with the process. After attending my first Byron Katie live event I got clarity on the optimal way to complete the worksheet and what to and not to do when facilitating someone else.

I’ve attended Katie’s mental cleanses, her nine-day school and countless retreats and courses with certified facilitators and have developed an approach that works for people who are desperate to get out of their own way and take full ownership of their lives. I now have a process and some steps to help assist you in your journey of incorporating the work into your spiritual practice.

In addition to being a facilitator in The Work, I’m a registered 200-hour yoga teacher, writer and environmental public health professional with both international and domestic disaster experience.

My favorite pastimes include writing, gardening, dancing, traveling and daydreaming. I’m a firm believer in the potential of all people to live up to their full potential and create a life that matters

Thanks to the gift of the internet, I can now work with people from any corner of the globe.

This is great because it allows us to do the work from a place that feels familiar and safe and allows us to store our conversations to revisit at a later date. In addition to the live calls, I also offer some additional support and resources through email. If you’d like to work with me we can schedule a clarity call where you can learn more about how our facilitation calls will work, I can get a sense of what your needs are and we can determine if we will be a good fit for one another.

Traveling to distant lands has been a huge part of my self-exploration journey, and yet my most daring adventures have taken place at home on the couch, working through heartbreak, disappointment, and self-doubt. I was beginning to realize how the difficulties I experienced in my past were coloring my world and keeping me stuck in a reality of lack and conflict. I found it was much scarier to sit down with someone I loved and tell them the truth about myself than solo traveling through foreign lands.


I could see how quickly my sense of identity shifted in the face of adversity- when a loved one died, during an unexpected breakup or when I was fired from what I thought was a dream job. No amount of meditation or good deeds seemed to be enough to free me from my perpetual victimhood and unhappiness. My dissatisfaction with myself made it impossible to foster healthy relationships. I couldn’t imagine trying to sit down with my mother and tell her the truth about how her choices in men affected my childhood, or explaining to a romantic interest that not only was my father missing from my life, his replacement was physically abusive and emotionally manipulative.

Needless to say, I struggled when it came to my personal relationships. I could easily meet people and make friends but my fear and insecurity kept many of these relationships shallow. I became determined to reset my sails and navigate towards deeper more meaningful relationships. 




Read more about my experience with self-inquiry

What makes the practice of self-inquiry unique is that it leads the participant to tap into their own divine wisdom and develop trust in their own inner guide.

What Exactly is, “The Work”

The work is a self inquiry practice developed by Byron Katie based on her own personal transformation experience. Katie tells an interesting story about how she awakened to the 4 questions after years of internal strife and suffering - Her personal story can be found...

Have I joined a cult?

Recently, I was describing my experience of the work community with a friend when she asked me, “Isn’t that a cult”. I was more shocked that she had heard of it than the fact that she thought it might be a cult, so I answered: “I guess you could call it that”. Do I...

My first encounter with The Work

We stood around the bonfire, mostly women, mostly connected through the local yoga studio where a number of us worked or took classes. A foggy chilly night spent throwing small slips of paper bearing the names of past lovers, our good intentions and past hardships that we watched travel up along the clouds of smoke and up towards a benevolent heaven as a humble supplication for continued abundance, good health, loving relationships, travel, and infinite new adventures.  

Tools for the Journey

Everything that you need to begin doing the Work is available for free at www.thework.com.

Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet

One Belief At A Time (Front)

One Belief At a Time (Back)

Who Would You Be Without Your Story?

"The easy path rarely leads to what our heart truly desires"

Ready to begin your practice?

1. Who Would You Be Without Your Story?

A “story” in this case is being defined as a compilation of thoughts, beliefs, judgments, and ideas that shape your perception and experience of the world around you. You’re wise enough to know that you are not your thoughts but that hasn’t stopped them from dictating how you live your life. You’ve tried to mentally replace them with positive affirmations, have tried to quiet or silence them through various meditation techniques and prayers or you’ve tried to theorize them away by reminding yourself that they’re just thoughts and they don’t mean anything.

2. If changing your thoughts was so simple, why haven’t you been able to adopt a healthier mindset?

I’ll tell you why, the beliefs that make up your current cognitive operating system were not just selected by you by chance and cant be willed or wished away. These stories became embedded in your personality based on a pain experience as a means to protect yourself from further harm. In most cases these are from direct pain experiences but limiting beliefs can also be passed down through social and cultural norms.

3. This work is not for the faint of heart.

In order to actually see real changes in your thinking and your life you will need a full overhaul of each of these particular operating systems. The method I’m offering will require you to mentally revisit areas in your life that you have been trying to forget or have never spoken to about to another individual, and fill in the details on a Judge Your Neighbor worksheet. This will help us get re-aquainted with what was happening mentally, physically and emotionally in that moment and explore the thoughts, beliefs and ideas about the world you adopted in that instance.

4. The Blessing is in the Betrayal.

The benefits of doing the work is that it allows you to look closely at the often painful pivot points in your life and discover the lessons that they were there to teach you. As part of our facilitation session, you will walk away with a list of people whom you can make amends and an actionable guide based on your worksheet on what you can do to feel the way you want to feel immediately, this guide is often referred to as your prescription for happiness. Finally, you can transform the bad man, bad thing, or burden in your life into your gift! After our clarity call, you will know exactly how to complete either the Judge your neighbor or the one belief at a time worksheets, how the facilitation process works, where exactly you can find all of Katies free resources and some useful tips for starting your self-inquiry journey.

Hear from previous clients

I love Danielle! She is a wonderful facilitator: Loving, connected, and attentive. As a facilitator and as a person, Danielle is just delightful. I love doing the Work with her! I love the way she holds the space for me and guides me gently when I need it.  I feel very comfortable and free and fully trust her.

I met Danielle at the New Year’s Cleanse in 2015, where I got to witness her on stage with Katie. The session was very moving and I experienced Danielle as authentic, genuine, spontaneous, and vulnerable.
We started doing the Work together regularly in 2017 when she reached out to The Work community for daily partners. We also went to a retreat together (The Work with Grace Bell in Breitenbush, OR) and continued doing the Work afterwards.
It was a joy and an honor to be facilitated by Danielle, and I look forward to more sessions!

-Judith Pfeiffer Judith Pfeiffer


As a facilitator, Danielleis perceptive and supportive–I have gone deep in my work with her. Her Vibrant spirit and embodied qualities of strength, clarity, authenticity, vulnerability, and resilience infuse her work. Its a joy to be facilitated by Danielle!

-Louise Deerfield Louise Deerfield


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