If this was the best life could get, could you say yes to it?

-Byron Katie

So much about this whole self-help thing is focused around ultimately getting what we want.

There’s an unspoken promise embedded in every book, online course, webinar and workshop – if you fix this, change that, overcome such and such – you’ll finally get what you want.

Theres a beautiful seductive allure to getting what we want. It will make us feel whole, loved, and ultimately happy.

I’ve certainly been on and off the pursuit of happiness train and in the midst of one of my most feverous pursuits, my dear friend posed this question to me.

“If this was the best life could get, could you say yes to it?”

The question showed me how much resistance I had to my present day life. Could I say yes to being alone? To working my ass off and getting nowhere fast? Yes, to the constant nagging that I wasn’t living up to my full potential???

Absolutely Not.

What was it to be alive, if not to use every second of everyday and use every breath to better one’s condition.

Then I took the next hour just to sit with my current reality, could I find a yes?

I closed my laptop.

Grabbed my fork and looked down at my beautiful salad.

In that very moment, I was healthy, I was warm, and I had a nice cozy van to return to that I was going to happily park at the hot springs where a friend had given me his guest passes so I didn’t even have to pay for the awesome spot.

A rush of happiness and gratitude filled me.

I finished my dinner and as I took my last bite a great idea popped into my head. I was inspired to do a thing I had been needing to do but hadn’t gotten to in the midst of my self criticism and shame.

I took action immediately and could feel the creativity flowing through me.

Theres a beauty and grace that abides in accepting life as we see it, and a spaciousness that arises when we acknowledge all that has been bestowed upon us so far.

If you’re feeling like you might be at the end of your rope, or if things don’t change soon you might just explode then I invite you to take a moment and scan every area of your life for a potential yes. You may not find it during the first scan and that is 100% okay. Just the simple asking of the question will help to redirect your focus from all that needs to be improved or fixed to what is working for you.

And of course, if you still find you need additional support – I am always here to accompany you.

Lets go deep together,


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