During my time in South Africa, my travel partner and I decided we were in the mood for some yummy Indian food.

We google searched for the best Indian in Durban and we were led to a restaurant that we soon realized was built into a Hare Krishna temple. The temple was located just outside of Durban in what had been an Indian only township, reminiscent of their days of apartheid. The all white temple was amazingly intricate and beautiful and looked similar to the religious temples I had seen in India.

We went in and ordered a number of delicious Indian dishes that were all finger licking good. We drank chai and ate vegan desserts.

On our way out of the restaurant, we were met by a woman who invited us to Prasad, a Hindu often religious offering of food that is shared after service.

I was both honored to join them for just an informal yet sacred event and excited to dive back into the delicious Indian cuisine.

The meal was served with some super delicious mind opening conversation and i decided to record a little of it to revisit later.

Here are the videos from that afternoon.

Here is part one of my conversation with some of the devotees of the Hare Krishna community

Thanks so much for watching!

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