I was introduced to the work by a German woman backpacking through Northern California that I met at some sort of women’s gathering. There isn’t much that stands out to me about that night except that we were standing around a bonfire and I was talking about things I was struggling with, decisions I needed to make, what I wanted to happen in the future etc., when the woman said that I needed to read Katie’s book, “I need your love is that true”. I remember reading the book, highlighting throughout it, loving it and then passing it along. I enjoyed the book so much that I even pulled quotes from the book for my yoga teacher training finale when I stumbled upon it in the library at Breitenbush hot springs. My class was centered around the heart chakra focusing on backbends, adjusting the shoulder blades so that they lie flat on the back and support the chest to open.

It wasn’t until about 5-6 years later that I attempted to apply the 4 questions to a stressful thought. I was in Mexico at the time and I decided to question the thought _________ should want to speak with me. By this point YouTube had become a favorited past time and I got to see Katie actually doing the work with clients and I started to get a feel for the process. I remember trying to answer the questions on blank white computer paper. Another year or so passed before I found myself in Paris at a Katie one day event and I finally completed my first Judge your neighbor worksheet. Seeing Katie in person taking on such important issues gave me a renewed sense of hope in the possibility of being happy and having a satisfying life. That experience sent me on Katie tour. I went on to attend numerous events with Katie, connecting to practitioners of The Work in the Pacific Northwest, events with certified facilitators, joining the Institute for The Work and all while forming a regular practice of questioning my stressful thoughts.