It’s too easy to leave.

She’s said something and it’s made me uncomfortable.

He looked at me disapprovingly.

I’m embarrassed by my actions. 

One thing about always being able to take off,  is that you never have to work things out.

Friction is always inconvenient and unnecessary,

“I’m just really trying to work on myself right now” is always a good excuse to not foster relationships.

One must be known to be loved.

Glennon Doyle Melton

Growth can be painful, messy and feel like our world is crumbling around us.

Each new place we go, there we find ourselves accompanied by all of our insecurities and immaturities.

Being a burden and screw up is much less painful when there is no one else to bear witness to it.

But I dare you,

My fellow nomads, travelers, gypsies.

Persons without people or place.

To takeoff your armor and

Share your stories once more.

Bear your scars once more.

Open your hearts once more

To live this life as a full and whole human being.

You have a right to be here.

Be Dareful.

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