The work is a self inquiry practice developed by Byron Katie based on her own personal transformation experience. Katie tells an interesting story about how she awakened to the 4 questions after years of internal strife and suffering – Her personal story can be found on her website

I first learned about the Work through Katies book, “I need your love is that true”. In the book Katie discusses our human desire for love, approval and appreciation and the ways in which we attempt to manipulate and control our external environment in order to get those needs met. We try to control how other people perceive us, what they think about us and how they should behave towards us. We seek certainty and safety in an ever changing universe and ultimately we find that our efforts are futile and that we are tired. 

I began to realize that much of my energy was being used to worrying about the future and resenting the past. I spent years trying to prove to people that I was “socially well-adjusted”. I grew up in a home where my father had not been present for my birth and wanted little to nothing to do with me, my step father was physically abusive, my mother lived in a perpetual victim cycle and my relationship with my siblings was far from loving and supportive. The world had determined that someone from my upbringing would never have much of a future or be able to have a high quality of life. 

So I did everything in my power to be normal. I got educated and completed a bachelors of science and a masters degree program, I took part in sophisticated hobbies and noble pursuits, I  and guess what????

People still found a reason to not like me!,

The work allowed me the chance to sit with all of the beliefs I told myself about what I lacked and what I needed the world to give me in order to be happy, and through the practice of inquiry I was able to give it to myself. In real time, without hesitation or delay. 

As I have begun to see that everything that existed in my life (every relationship, physical discomfort, unexpected circumstance has been friendly and through the realization of the inherent friendliness of the universe – I too have been becoming more friendly, in the world

But most importantly – towards myself.

I hope that you decide to join me in beginning your very own Self inquiry practice.  It’s amazing what gets revealed about the true nature of our suffering and the ways in which our pain can be transformed into our purpose. 

The work is a straightforward process and all of the tools you will need to begin your self inquiry practice are available for free online at the

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